Metal working

From simple to complex shapes. We respond to a wide range of situations flexibly.

In metalworking, skilled technicians use general-purpose equipment that does not require machining programs. By doing so, we can provide a wide range of services, from short-term delivery to small lots of various types to complex shapes and mass production of hundreds of units using various processing methods with the latest equipment.

3 advantages of manufacturing metal parts at Bethel

Advantages of manufacturing metal parts at Bethel 1
Correspond to short delivery time of the fastest 24 hours

For customers who are currently dealing with us, we have a lot of track record in dealing with express requests due to sudden production requests and changes in specifications, and we are particularly credible for dealing with short delivery times. Although it depends on the stock status of the material, parts that do not require surface treatment or heat treatment can be handled on the same day. We will respond to production requests with short delivery times as much as possible.

Advantages of manufacturing metal parts at Bethel 2
Available from one prototype to mass production

We have a full range of equipment, from general-purpose equipment that does not require a program to the latest machining centers. So we have a system that can handle a wide variety of products from small lot production to mass production. Bethel's unique flexibility enables us to meet a wide range of customer needs, even with requests for production from a single product that other companies cannot easily accept.

Advantages of manufacturing metal parts at Bethel 3
Compatible with assembly of manufactured parts

we can handle not only the production of metal parts, but also assemblies that combine many production parts. We support various specifications from simple assembly of several parts to complicated assembly of several tens of parts.
Bethel has long been involved in assembling electronic and mechanical parts, and has a proven track record in manufacturing molds that combine precision parts, so we are confident in responding to complex assemblies. .

Processing technology / equipment

Design / Development
Milling /
Lathe processing
NC milling
Micro-hole electrical discharge machining
Wire electric discharge machining
Finish / Assembly

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