Thermal Testing Service

Thermal Evaluation of FOD
Evaluate the internal structure of CFRP and GFRP by heat. Quantify fiber orientation and thermal diffusivity at high speed and non-contact!!

Thermal Evaluation of FOD Click here!

Thermowave Analyzer TA
Contactless Thermal Diffusivity Measurement. Sample shape : Free (disk shape is preferred). Wide Dynamic range : Organic films to Diamonds.

Thermowave Analyzer TA Click here!

Thermal Microscope TM3
Thermophysical property measurement for thin films, 100nm order.

Thermal Microscope TM3 Click here!

Thermal Spread Inspection Equipment TSI
The thermal movement by IR camera. Detection of abnormal point / Check for inhomogeneity of material.

Thermal Spread Inspection Equipment TSI Click here!

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