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Bethel will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year (2023). We are truly grateful to have successfully reached this milestone year.

Bethel started as a small company 50 years ago, but we are proud to say that we have become an integral part of many people's lives. We have always been committed to the quality of our products and services, to meeting the needs of our customers, and to creating an environment in which each and every one of our employees can achieve personal fulfillment. Over the past 50 years, we have received a lot of support from our customers and stakeholders, taken on many challenges, and overcome difficulties each time.

However, we must continue to strive to meet the needs of our customers and provide better products and services in the future as always.

As an initiative for that purpose, we will promote the "Bethel Born Again Program (B-BAP)".

Bethel Born Again Program(B-BAP)

For all employees to be proud to be a part of Bethel

All organizations decline. It is said that the life span of a company is 30 years. Bethel is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Now, Bethel is on the verge of its second death. We can say that Bethel is dying for the second time. The organization is formed and operated by the following factors. From its birth to its prime, from its full maturity to its death, the magnitude of influence of each factor differs at each stage of its life.

  1. Energy factor (E)
  2. Program factor (P)
  3. Factors of organizational control (A)
  4. Interpersonal/Inclusive factors (I)

During the birth phase, the entrepreneurial spirit of the founder (E) propels the company forward, and toward the adolescent phase, the business model (P) is established, to which management skills (A) and human resources (I) are added, and the company is in its heyday as a corporation. Then, as the company enters a phase of decline, the entrepreneurial spirit fades, some employees become aristocrats to protect their jobs and positions, and the entire organization shifts into a period of bureaucratic politics where the entire organization works to abide by predetermined rules, eventually leading to "death" as a company. Death is despair. Once you die, there is no next time.

Where is Bethel located today?

The upper case letters of the alphabet mean greater influence, while the lower case letters mean less.

Assuming the lifespan of a company is 30 years, it can be said that Bethel, which was founded 50 years ago, has already completed its first life, has been reborn, has passed its second heyday and maturity, and is now heading toward its second death. The Bethel tree, which sprouted 49 years ago, has thickened its trunk, stretched its branches, grown thick leaves, and is bearing fruit after 50 years. However, will Bethel survive the second death, regenerate and gain a third life? "Or will it just die?" "We are now walking the boundary between life and death."

 "Born Again" translates directly to "reborn. Now, Bethel is being asked to be reborn before its second "death".

 As mentioned above, "Born Again" means "reborn," but what it really means is "to die once and be born again”. In other words, in order for Bethel to continue to exist in 2050, 30 years from now, we must die once and be born again. In other words, what we have done up to now must be discarded, and we must rebuild anew.

To this end, the following will be implemented over a multi-year period and incorporated into the company-wide priority agenda.

1. Human resource development

It is" the employees" who work there that carry the future of Bethel on their shoulders. Managers stand at the forefront, but they must work together with the executives and managers who support them to shoulder the burden of the business. The first issue of B-BAP is human resource development. In order for a company to be reborn, the managers, executives, and administrators who are responsible for its foundation must first be reborn.

  1. Development of executive candidates
  2. Training of managers
  3. Development of DX human resources

Naturally, it is also very important to have people in positions other than these in our business. However, we believe that in order for Bethel to overcome the despair of "death," we must first have these people.

2. Business model reform

Until now, Bethel has made things and sold them to generate sales. Although Bethel would like to continue as a manufacturing company, we cannot continue to exist for the next 30 years unless we are engaged in complementary products and services in addition to manufacturing. To this end, we need to reform our business model and will focus on the following items.

  1. Break away from being a mere manufacturing company.
  2. Break away from subcontracting (reversing OEM and ODM & original technology business in operating profit).
  3. Create innovation! Provide products and services that will turn the world's values and ways of working upside down.

By achieving these goals, we will transform our business into a high value-added, high labor productivity business.

3. Business Reform

More efficient operations and higher value-added businesses are required; using DX and other technologies, we will focus on the following areas for improvement.

  1. Cost visualization
  2. Visualization of customer information
  3. Visualization of internal information
  4. Visualization of operations (inventory status, production status, shipment status, bottlenecks, etc.)
  5. Improvement of customer satisfaction
  6. Improvement of employee satisfaction
  7. Elimination of errors

Bethel will overcome the “death” as an organization and create a vibrant organization through B-BAP in order to become a vibrant company in the next 30 years.

In closing, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of our customers, stakeholders, and each and every one of our employees who have supported our 50-year history and will continue to support our future. We look forward to your continued support of Bethel's growth and development.

March  2023
PresidentJunichi Suzuki

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