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Founding aspirations

I have one life. When I look back on my life when I finish my life, I will live a life without regrets.

Until founding

創業者 代表取締役会長 鈴木英一June 2020
Founder and Chairman
Eiichi Suzuki

Eiichi Suzuki was born in 1943 (Showa 18). It happened two years after the start of World War II. My father was a second son of a farmer who ran a poor farmhouse, had a family and raised three children. By the way, Japan is a resourceless country, and was involved in a great world war against the great powers of the world, the United Kingdom and the United States. My father was a brother of four men, and two of his brothers had already been sent to the battlefield. A wartime warrant came to my 28-year-old father as the war situation worsened. It was a year after I was born. My father ended the war shortly before being sent to the battlefield.

My father sent me to school from his poor postwar life. Thanks to that, I was able to study my favorite electricity. By the way, Japan was in a period of high economic growth, so I was able to join a TV station, which is a growing industry that is attracting attention. However, after three years, my life in Tokyo didn't suit me, so I decided to change my career to Canon camera and study manufacturing.

At the age of 28, I grew older and felt unsatisfactory when it came to my life, and recklessly thought of independence. "I have one life. When I look back on my life when I finish my life, I will live a life without regrets." I reluctantly quit the company at the age of 30 and started self-employed. 

My parents weren't doing business, and my wife was a big opposition. Because there was a subcontracting company in the city where she was born, but everyone thought that she wouldn't want to see life being difficult. Independently, it was the start of surprise and distress. I had no regrets since I started, but it was the beginning of the drama. A smart person never thinks independence from the beginning, because he thinks carefully and works adventurously, and there are many difficulties in starting a business. It's good to have been founded without the support of the family, but a truly heartfelt day has begun where we don't know what to do.

History as an entrepreneur since the foundation  ( 30 - 40 years old )

At the time of its founding, it was a private business, not a company. The consciousness as an entrepreneur grew to some extent as a business, and I became aware of it when I got a new graduate. I thought that the person who spends his life on me came to have a sense of responsibility, and there is no talent who can be effective simply by using employees for their own lives. What is a company? What should be done with management? I read a book about management, and I started to develop hints and strong awareness. And the drama as a manager comes to my mind clearly, let's do it! I felt that my inner heart was burning.

First of all, how do you take responsibility for the life and life of fellow employees?  Take responsibility for the life and worth of employees. It was created with the thought that a management philosophy, which is the basic stance of management, is necessary.

" Original product "  is easy to say, but difficult to implement  ( 40 - 50 years old )

The world has entered the long-term stagnation period after the high growth period of Japan has ended. Management was mainly on commissioned work, and although the work was somehow stable, I could not draw a future outlook. So we thought we needed a unique product. I thought that by developing and selling our own products, we could see a new world and open the future.

I thought about various things and searched for my own products. However, even if I tried, everything was poor. When I think about it now, I was in a state where I couldn't understand what was the characteristic of the company, and I could not understand what the world wanted. Even if we seek out and develop such things, there is no way we can produce something that sells.

I felt that manufacturing itself is a very difficult task, but I was told that creating and developing things that do not exist in the world is also a difficult task. After that, I realized that selling developed goods and collecting funds is a completely different world, and I was keenly aware that it would be a difficult task to put them together. We will develop our own products! It's easy to say, but doing business with it is very difficult. I thought "the frog in the well knows nothing of the great ocean." is just me.

Inventory of owned technology

In the midst of suffering, we took an inventory of Bethel's technologies and skills in order to develop our own products.

  • Assembly ___ standardization of manufacturing, quality control, production control, human resource utilization
  • Precision machine tool ___ MC machining, NC discharge machine, precision polishing machine, three-dimensional measuring instrument, etc.
  • Precision injection molding machine ___ 130t・100t・50t・30t・15t
  • Heat measurement technology ___ Thermophysical property measurement technology/Proposal power of cutting-edge heat measurement/thermal analysis solution, Measurement proposal/development power from low temperature (-30℃) to normal temperature to high temperature range (500℃)
  • Design ___ CAD/3D software
  •  Precision mold design technology ___ Product development technology
  •  Product development proposal capabilities with customers ___ Product development technology proposal capabilities, quality control, cost reduction capabilities
  •  Sales capability ___ Domestic market/Overseas market ( Europe, America, China, etc.)

What we could see from the inventory was our unique technological and sales capabilities that could meet the needs of the market, focusing on manufacturing. I was convinced that if we steadily pursue value-added products and commercialize them, we will be able to create products that will beat competitors.

Feelings for the future

I think it is of utmost importance to promote technological development that is one step ahead of the times.

  • Measurement technology ___ Deepen electronics, optics, analysis, and technology.
  • Medical technology ___ In Japan, Europe and the United States, the declining birthrate and aging of the population will continue to advance in a mature society.  Thus commercialization will be promoted using advance technology.

I think these two points are the technologies that Bethel focuses on polishing. Betel's future strategy is to nurture the medical and nursing care (oral health care) and thermal measurement and thermal analysis solution businesses that make use of them into major business pillars.

We aim to achieve sales of 3 billion yen and ordinary income of 300 million yen, and aim to achieve our own product (technology) ratio of 60% or more with measuring instruments, medical equipment, and electronic equipment.

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