Mold making

Manufacture precision molds in all fields with reliable technology of "Made in Japan"

Until now, we have been producing precision molds and metal parts in all fields with our own development technology, and have a proven track record. In die making, we carry out everything from design to assembly by our own system, so we can respond quickly and without loss. In particular, we have high trust in design and development capabilities, and respond to customer needs with flexible ideas.

3 benefits of  manufacturing molds at Bethel

Benefits of manufacturing molds at Bethel: Part 1
We support from prototype to mass production

Recently, there are many manufacturers specializing in prototypes. However, if different manufacturers are used for trial production and mass production, it is often difficult to provide feedback on problems in trial production to mass production, and it is often troublesome to manage data and exchange with several companies. Bethel can handle from prototype molds to mass production molds, which has the advantage of greatly reducing time and costs. We provide full support from prototype to mass production.

Benefits of manufacturing molds at Bethel: Part 2
Achieving high precision with unique technology

Many of the dies manufactured by Bethel are precision medical parts, camera precision parts, and automotive precision parts, and their achievements to date demonstrate their unique technological capabilities. In particular, for precision medical small parts, there is a lineup of plastic needles for various applications. The finest products are available, such as "0.2 mm tip inner diameter, 0.4 mm outer diameter, and 27 mm shaft length". We are currently developing even thinner plastic needles.

Benefits of manufacturing molds at Bethel: Part 3
From design to assembly with an in-house integrated system

We perform in-house from 3D precision design to final process assembly, so we can respond quickly. In addition, our company has a complete molding factory and assembly factory, so we have established an integrated system for everything from product development to mass production of plastic products and assemblies, as well as mold production.


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