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Management philosophy

Based on the following management principles, we focus on the development of "original products" that Japan and the world need, focusing on the development of medical and dental plastic products.

Bethel's Management Philosophy

1.  E=1/2mv^2K

E: Company energy
m: Mass (m) is capital power, organizational power, technology accumulation power, name recognition
v: Velocity (v) is the speed of decision-making and the ability to move in a tight turn
K: constant (k) is an idea uniqueness

It is important to align the direction of all the abilities of each employee and make decisions more quickly.
The energy of a company can be many times higher than that of the present time by matching each vector.
Even small businesses can outperform large businesses.

2.  Ingenuity

  1. Do you have originality? Are you wisdom out?
  2. Do you show creativity? Is it originality?
  3. Do you have an advantage over others?

Originality and imagination are the key to surviving the times.

3.  Always think

  1. What does it take to be a company with a reason to exist?
  2. Be proud and confident in your work, always deepen your expertise, and aim for the best of your specialty.
  3. Think and act for self-actualization.

It is important not to take common sense and customs into consideration, but to always wonder and think "Why?"
By doing so, the human brain is stimulated and activated, new ideas are born one after another, and work becomes interesting in a completely different dimension than before.

4.  A person who can understand and act in the spirit of three self  ( spontaneousness, awareness, autonomy )

  1. Voluntary spirit: Do everything voluntarily.
  2. The spirit of autonomy... Autonomous management.
  3. The spirit of self-government: Pay as the person responsible.

It is necessary for each person to have the feeling of being a "manager" of their work.
You need to be independent and manage your work, earn your own salary and pay yourself.
As a result, you will be able to "execute your maximum abilities and obtain the maximum satisfaction."

5.  Love work, nurture the company, respect the country

  1. Work...Confirm your work as a vocation and do your best.
  2. Company... Realize yourself through an organization called a company.
  3. Nation: Respect and pride our country through work and company.

Taking good care of a country leads to mutual understanding with other countries.

6.  Contribute to the local community through industry.

To love work is to contribute to the community through work.

7.  The origin of management lies in development

For companies, development is the origin of existence and the source of life.
There can be no progress without development, and without progress we cannot survive in a competitive society.
In this competitive society, it is not allowed to stand still. The reason for the existence of a company is to constantly ask the world through development. Therefore, development can be said to be the starting point of corporate management. (Development does not only refer to departments involved in technology, but also to indirect and administrative departments.)
Management that responds flexibly to the changing times is of utmost importance. It is necessary to continue the challenge without fear of failure, and defeat begins when the heart is lost.

Established March 1, 2002
Founder Eiichi Suzuki

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