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Origin of Bethel

What is " Bethel "  ?

It is the name of the land in Israel. Today, it is a small town about 20 km north of Jerusalem. In Hebrew, "Bethel" is written as "Beit El". Beit means a house, El means God, or “House of God”.

Origin of Bethel

First, what do we do with the company name? ?  At the time of our founding, we thought that the name "Suzuki○○○", which can be found anywhere, is not interesting at all, and we wondered if  there was better  name.

After the tentative plan, the university was related to the mission school, and the story of the boy of Jacob called the father of the Israeli people in the story of the Genesis in the Old Testament was very memorable, so when naming something I was thinking about using this name. That was "Bethel".

The origin of "Bethel" is as follows. ( The Old Testament Genesis Chapter 25 - 28 )

Jacob's father Isaac had two sons, who were twins. The eldest son was Esou and the second son was Jacob. An incident occurred when his father, Isaac, was old and inherited all the property to his eldest son.

The eldest son, Esou, was unthinkable and crude, and his second son, Jacob, was a precise and sophisticated man. The father started to lose sensation when he was old, and felt that he was about to die, and decided to perform an inheritance ceremony on his eldest son. This ritual was a solemn ritual between the God of Creation, the Father, and the heirs.

When his father tried to transfer the right of the firstborn (heritage inheritance) to his brother Esou, his younger brother Jacob conspired with his mother and tricked his father Jacob. His brother told Kankan to get angry and kill Jacob. So Jacob embarked on an escape trip to his mother's birthplace.

One day, Jacob was feeling guilty because of his crime during the trip, and when he was tired from the trip, he was sleeping in the wilderness with stone pillows. He dreamed that a ladder was once laid down from heaven to his bedside, and he saw angels coming and going. And there was a voice from heaven. “I am the Lord your God, I am with you everywhere you are, I will not abandon you”  Jacob awakened from a dream, for the first time, felt God and understood God with his heart he felt God as something familiar to him. He called the place where he had a divine experience "Bethel".

After this, Jacob encountered various problems, but at that time he always remembered this event, and he was encouraged to think that God was always with him. The life was full of upheaval, but truly blessed. Jacob became the father of the Israelites. The Israeli people are unique and are said to be litmus test strips for humankind. Despite being a minority, the Israelites are scattered around the world, producing many successful and successful in cutting-edge technology, economics, academics and entertainment.

I  founded the company at the age of 30, and this year and I have been able to come to this point with the support of everyone for 46 years. Remembering God, who will be with us both in good times and in bad times, "I will protect you wherever you go and will not throw you away"  I will ask the main person to go through the process of running through. I want to move forward without any treatment.

June 2020
Chairman Eiichi Suzuki

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