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"Vision" is the future that Bethel aims for

Corporate Structure

  1. We will enhance Bethel's brand power and become a company that not only employees and customers, but also local residents can be proud of and enjoy.
  2. We will become an innovator in the fields of medical care, nursing care, and thermal solutions, leveraging our strengths in technology and speed to turn ideas into reality.
  3. We will continue to interact with people around the world through business and contribute to world peace.
  4. We will grow from a small to medium-sized company to a "medium-sized company" and create a strong company that is not affected by economic ups and downs.
  5. With DX (Digital Transformation), we will move away from being just a manufacturing company and become a company that provides solutions to our customers through manufacturing.
  6. As a Bethel Born Again Program (B-BAP), we will develop human capital and renew our organization and business model to remain a strong company in 2050.

 ※ For more information about the Bethel-Born Again Program (B-BAP), click here .

Bethel's four business areas

Bethel's business can be divided into two major categories and further divided into four business areas.

Bethel's four business areas

1.  OEM business :
  • Production Division (electrical installation materials, interior components, etc.)
2.  In-house product  (ODM business, original products) business :
  • Medical/nursing care (oral health care) : Plastic molding department, product planning department, ODM business, original products
  • Thermal Measurement & Analysis Solutions : Hudson Laboratories
  • Precision molds and machine parts : mold production department, GM production department

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