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Bethel's dream

It is about innovating and making the world happy.


  1. It is to contribute to society through industry and give dreams and hopes to people living in the area.
  2. It is to Innovate to contribute to the development of science and technology that brings peace and security to humankind.
  3. It is to create sustainable society.
  4. It is to protect the lives of employees and their families, and to provide a workplace where they can always grow.
What is innovation ?
  1. Creation and realization of new products or new quality of products
  2. Introduction of new production method
  3. Creation of a new industrial organization
  4. Creation of a new sales market
  5. Development of new buyers

   ( Josef Schumpeter, "The Theory of Economic Development" )

When innovation happens, new markets are created, people's lives change, habits change, ways change, organizations change, and values change.

What is a sustainable society?

"A society in which the global environment and natural environment are properly preserved, and development is being carried out to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising what future generations need".

March 2023
President Junichi Suzuki

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