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Management mindset

Purpose of company existence
The fundamental way of thinking underlying the business

  1. Bethel provides a stable and happy life for employees and their families, We will continue to be a company with a workplace full of hope for the future.
    We're in youth all the time we work!

  2. Bethel will be a company that contributes to the development and prosperity of society by providing products and services so that customers can be pleased and thanked. We will be a “just right company” for our customers.
  3. Company goes employee first, and employees go customer first. The management will run with the employees who are customer-first in mind and will support them with all their might.
What is happiness ?
  1. To be loved by others
  2. To be praised
  3. Useful to others
  4. What people need

 * Except for *1, people cannot get it unless they work.
 ( Mihon Rikagaku Industry Co., Ltd. / Chairman / Yasuhiro Oyama )

What is youth ?

Youth is the courage to overcome cowardice
It means an adventurous spirit that shakes off the feeling of cheapness.
Sometimes there is more youth in a 60-year-old than in a 20-year-old.
People don't grow old just by getting older. He grows old only when he loses his ideals.

( Samuel Ullman "Youth" Translated by Osamu Uno and Munehisa Sakuyama partial excerpt )

March 2023
President Junichi Suzuki

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